Saturday, August 24, 2013


John D. Caputo (Power of the Powerless) states; "Whatever it is you say God is, God is more. The very constitution of the idea is deconstructive of any such construction...the very formula that describes God is that there is no formula with which to describe God."

I absolutely agree with Mr. Caputo. Still, what is G-G-G if not a formula, or at the least, a process? And my contention is, ultimately, within the dynamic (process) an ASPECT of God is experienced. How can I embrace both views? By simply allowing the "Gift" to be whatever it is that is experienced. That no limitations, boundaries, or expectations be imposed on the experience. We allow it (Life) to come through unfiltered--accept it in Gratitude--then decide what, if anything, we choose to do. If a situation is rife with discord, do we wish to add to the cacophony? Or do we desire a peaceful resolution? Choice is always part of the Eternal Now. Even if that choice is that you refuse to choose.

Here is an example. Many people I talk to want "peace" in their life. A reduction, if not a cessation, of so much "drama." I ask them how they would rate their "patience." The usual answer is; it needs work. Well, I say, how many opportunities does Life provide (on a daily basis!) for you to improve or enhance your level of patience? Rather than an attitude of, I can't take any more of this crap; you develop a response that perceives the event as an occasion (Gift) to explore the parameters of what makes you angry or reactive. To question; what button of mine was just pushed? Why did I react so forcefully to something that, in truth, really isn't that important to me? Do I actually see patience as capitulation? Am I really all that interested in becoming a patient person, or is it simply a characteristic I think I am suppose to have?

So, the formula becomes what I experience and how I respond IS the very formula for which there is no formula. Because I am not describing God, I am experiencing God. I am not saying what God is, I am saying how I understood Him in the moment. That I realize the creativity of the Creator, though beyond my comprehension, does not preclude a manifestation of that creativity in my life. That paradox is, in the end, nothing more nor less than another aspect of God.

Or is it?

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