Friday, May 15, 2015

Mum's the Word

For the remainder of the month I set forth a challenge. Before speaking, mentally decide how you can relate what it is you want to say in the fewest words possible. (If an example is required, refer to 4-14-13.)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Told Me What?

So what am I saying? (an indulgence to those who claim they don't understand) Because you hold it in your mind, it (GGG) will sustain you--nurture, nourish, and maintain you. It will be your guiding light, a beacon to bring you home. No matter the hell you are experiencing, if you can conjure the thought that this is a Gift, which you could (somehow) be Grateful for, you will not only find the means to muddle through, you will experience God. This isn't a promise--it is reality. Decide that God can use YOU as a means to interact with life (creation: any and everything) and the process produces the outcome. The resistance (fuck this!) that you experience is the result of expectations. Let it be what it is. (it's going to be anyway) Then allow yourself time to examine why you struggle against what is. This is the unmasking of your ego and the method by which you surrender to that which some call God. (call it what you wish) Regardless, once you begin to integrate what Life brings you, (harmony) you demonstrate a personality reflective of the aspect of God you are here to embody. GGG is a method, a process, a 'hack,' that allows for immediate transformation. There is no simpler spiritual application you can employ. The link provided yesterday (Shots of Awe--Godmode) is validation from another source of what I have been telling you for nearly 3 years.