Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice

Ancient powers will be readily available today. Though called by a thousand different names, the essence is simply a reflection of imagination unfettered. Let Life call to you, beckon you, seduce you. Fall freely into the unknown...

Myth is the mind, the very dreams of the Creator. Intensely intimate and powerfully sublime, know that God cannot, will not be restricted by our limitations. Even if that means being put to the torch.

Evora was one of the main Inquisition centers in Portugal. Women inspired to demonstrate their harmony with nature were often denounced as witches and burned at the stake. This, the reaction from the wisest of the Church, the ultimate powers within the religious hierarchy, couldn't have been more demonic. Consider whether your own opinions and judgments may mirror similar, albeit less overt, prejudices.

Do yourself a favor tonight and spend a few minutes admiring the moon. I promise it will be glorious! Perhaps even you will be caught up in the magic...

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Because I began this silliness, I feel compelled to complete the circle. Friday the 14th, a lone, single, solitary Aussie wandered in (apparently from the Outback---dazed and dehydrated) to G-G-G. The desire to have at least one visitor from every continent (Post: "G'Day Mate" May 29th) has been fulfilled.

How often have your heard, "I want a June wedding." June seems to be the most popular month for weddings. To celebrate all newlyweds everywhere, my tribute to you.

Make sure you check out Couples Therapy posts (10-19-12 and 3-18-13) if things ever get rough.

It's Father's Day, so lets go ahead with an over-the-top sentimental tribute to our fathers, living and passed.

Enjoy the day, your fathers, and all Life has to offer.