Friday, November 30, 2012

A Bridge Too Far

A good and gentle man spent his life in pursuit of enlightenment. Years of steadfast yearning finally lent him a vision. If he could locate and cross a bridge high in the Rocky Mountains, a specific wooden bridge, it would represent the culmination of all his spiritual goals. The man immediately began his journey to the Rockies. Another 3 years passed before the man finally found the physical bridge he had seen in his minds eye. Reaching the bridge, the man paused before stepping onto it. He thanked God that he had located that which represented all he had struggled for. He closed his eyes and sent a prayer of thanksgiving heavenward.

When he opened his eyes and moved forward, he was surprised to see a man on the far side of the bridge coming towards him. As they met in the middle of the bridge, the good man smiled. He felt as though this other man was of supreme significance, so he spoke to him; "What brings you to this bridge at this time," he asked. "I have travelled my entire life to locate this bridge," the other man answered. "Crossing over to where you were, I will achieve, at long last, enlightenment."