Friday, December 13, 2013

Take A Peek

People keep clamoring for aspects of God to be revealed. So I say, okay. Take a look...

"Because we as a flock are now separated from the source of all love, so too is the rest of creation. The strife and discord that we've experienced is but a small manifestation of realities on all levels. You cannot separate Creator from Creation without certain chaos. You render the former impotent and the latter helpless. Both are essential, one to the other." ~WPG  White Bird

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Short and Sweet

It is better to demonstrate than articulate.

Book of Padrac: Section 1 Discourse 1

Monday, December 9, 2013

Just For Fun

1) Shogun                                                 Clavell              Must be #1...have read it over a dozen times
2) The Lord of the Rings                           Tolkien             You shall not pass!
3) Lonesome Dove                                   McMurtry          Augustus McCrae is who I want to grow up and be
4) The Bible                                              Various             Epic (in parts)
5) The Prophet                                         Gibran               And you receivers...
6) Ender's Game                                      Card                  DON'T see the movie
7) Tom Sawyer                                         Twain                Childhood (sigh)
8) The Power of One                                Courtenay         Peekay rocks it!
9) The Greatest Salesman in the World   Mandino            I will greet this day...
10) The Great Lion of God                       Caldwell            The road to Damascus

But Pat, there aren't any "classics." (save TS) Too true. Have read a few that made the top 100 lists--The Call of the Wild--The Lord of the Flies--Watership Down--Stranger in a Strange Land--Huckleberry Finn; and have enjoyed them. Others that made the lists that were just horrid (The Old Man and the Sea; [a lesson in tedium] and Atlas Shrugged; [suck out loud bad]). No according for taste, as they say. Besides, if cornered, I can always exclaim; "OH! Forgot all about that book...yes, yes, certainly belongs in my top 10. God, thanks for reminding me!"

As a bonus, I will share the greatest dance of All-Time: (and it's not even close!) The Twist by Chubby Checkers. Everyone could do it. If you didn't know how, it took about a second to learn. It stripped men forever of the excuse; "I can't dance," and got them off their butts and onto the dance floor. What more can you ask? As to the dance I would most like to learn...

SPECIAL NOTE: I must confess it was nearly impossible keeping The Last Enchanted Forest off the list but I managed by t-h-i-s much. Figured you'd just call me biased, partial, a homer and altogether unscrupulous. Of course you'd have to actually have READ the book to make those claims, now wouldn't you?

Sunday, December 8, 2013