Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Open Parenthesis

I certainly thought I had accomplished my purpose. The two years spent on Gift Gratitude God was a journey that had (in my mind) come full circle. I was satisfied (pleased, actually) I had done what I had set out to do. The intangible concept of "God" had been explored and presented in a methodology for you to "put to the test." The rest was going to be up to you. Dim the lights, lower the curtains, take a final bow and exit, stage right. Yet...

First: I was wrong about the availability of the web site. The first link that appears after Googling WP Grogan is the blog; the next link is the actual web site. (Gift Gratitude God) Although nothing can be added or subtracted, the web site is still accessible. This I am grateful for--if for no other reason that the post A Cautionary Tale (7-22-14) demonstrates context is of the utmost importance. I am not here to mislead. Nor am I a "sheep in wolves clothing." (a wonderful Freudian slip that revealed [to me] the persons true subconscious understanding they were tangled up in their own projection) Still, I cautioned that the web site would vanish July 3rd and I was wrong. What I discovered was GGG was still "housed" within Gwenn's AuburnWebsiteDesign.com and would be available as long as the site exists. It goes to my level of ignorance regarding the world of computers.

Second: An ongoing sense of revelation. The latest example being the 9-27-14 post. (Wanna Go With You) The actual title of the song is "Another Country." Today, September 29th, the blog received a visit from someone in Kyrgyzstan. To be absolutely honest, I didn't know that country even existed. The break up of the former USSR created several new countries that I am not familiar with. But now I am. And as ignorant as I may be, the larger point is Life slammed home the coincidence that "another country" had come to the blog. Admittedly, that wasn't the thrust of the post. But how could Life create a context for me to share nebulous feelings of unexpressed longing on the one hand, and an unexplored, unexplained affinity for you on the other...you, who I don't even know?

Perhaps this will better describe what I am experiencing.


If you don't fully understand who Michael Shermer is, or the implications in the article he wrote, take a quick peek...


Third: I have the inexplicable notion that something is afoot. Whether the blog is a means to identify what that something is, is up in the air. An open parenthesis if you will. The blog continues to attract visitors (well over 500) since the "close of the show." This surprises me no end.

Fourth: It is now October 14th, 16 days since I drafted this post. I have straddled the fence about relaunching the blog with no "end game" strategy. I honestly questioned the significance of "Another Country." Then another new country came aboard, (New Zealand) and then another! (Austria) Third times the charm and I surrender. For no reason other than I want to, (need to?) I will see what's in store with a continuation of this blog. God help me. (in both the figurative and literal sense)    

Update: The Places We Have Been. Australia--Austria--Belarus--Belgium--Brazil--Canada--Chile--China--Columbia--Finland--France--Germany--Georgia--Greece--India--Indonesia--Ireland--Israel--Jamaica--Japan--Kazakhstan--Kenya--Kyrgyzstan--Lithuania--Malaysia--Mexico--Netherlands--New Zealand--Pakistan--Philippines--Poland--Romania--Russia--Serbia--Singapore--Slovakia--Spain--South Africa--South Korea--Sweden--Switzerland--Suriname--Taiwan--Tanzania--Thailand--Turkey--Ukraine--United Kingdom--United States--Venezuela--Zimbabwe. (reaching an even fifty with New Zealand carried a bit of significance as well)