Friday, October 23, 2015


God whispered, "Write."

I laughed, "Why? I've told them what they need to know and they don't understand."

She said, "It doesn't matter. Try again."

"They are locked in their paradigms," I replied. "And they are really, really stupid. I am sorry, but they are."

A smile flickered as He asked, "And you?"

"Less so."

"Tell them how."

1) God isn't anything that you can describe. God is limitless.

2) You get to see aspects of God.

3) The aspects you see are your life experiences.

4) The experiences you have are dynamic--not static.

5) This means experiences are SUBJECT TO CHANGE!

6) You can change (alter, amend, modify, revise or redact) your experience.

7) The quality of change is usually (but not always) subject to your involvement, interest, enthusiasm, adaptability and perseverance.

8) You can view your efforts impersonally. Results are neither endorsements nor rejections.

9) God encompasses whimsy and extravagance. (google; leafy sea dragon) Limitations are the cornerstone of your paradigm.

10) Expect nothing--ask for everything.


"Are you?"

"Won't do much good."

"We'll see..."


"I suggest you review # 8."


"...Pat, thanks..."

"Good Lord it wasn't anything..."

"Either am I."

"You can't be anything if you're everything."

"So you did have something to say after all."

"I've already told them that."

"Yeah, but you know how everybody loves Cliffs Notes."