Friday, October 10, 2014

Irish Kundalini

      Serpent of Brigid

She lies at the core of my being
In wait
Silent still coiled spiraled
Bearing the fruit of millennia
Knowledge of the Grandmother's
She longs to uncoil
Open to me the secrets
Kiss alight each cell
The burning to know
To remember
But she is bound
Stilled by my fear
I dream of dancing the mists
Past the chains of patriarchy
The Malleus Maleficarum
The stink of scorching flesh
The disease of ignorance
The broken bodies of lust
The malice of the servants of Jehovah
I long to open to joy
Know the wisdom
Speak the stories
Feel the uncoiling
Brigid, I invoke thee
Reveal in me your living flame
Swathe me in your brat*
Quench my voice at your healing well
Let me proclaim unto the stars
The "Serpent is Arisen"       

~Mary Sander

*brat: cloak