Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I saw an elderly woman today who looked nice and I said so when our paths crossed. Her response was; "you made my day!" It gave me pause. Taken literally it was preposterous. I can barely make dinner, let alone a "day." Of course I knew what she meant. I had simply allowed her to feel good about herself. But as I pondered, I realized her reaction also validated me. You see, I go around feeling as though I am heir to the Kingdom as a son of God. Somewhat like a prince roaming his Father's realm incognito. I am an "undercover agent." So when I hear, "you made my day," I understand it is Life's affirmation that I am "about my Father's business." (Luke 2:49)

Childish? You bet! Fun? Absolutely. A game worth playing? I certainly think so. Regardless of your take, there may come a day when you feel child-like and in need of some fun. Know the game is open to all without preconditions--you've already met them. So go ahead, "make my day!"