Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lion in the Winter

Like a lion in the winter I can hear the summer call
Like a ship out on the ocean made of stone
And sometimes when I get lonely I can swear I hear you call
Oh the nights are cold when you don't keep me warm

And when I first saw you I first loved you
With a song that I sang to the fire in your eyes
But somebody told you that wouldn't be easy
And you carried that lie for the devil to sing

Some sail rivers deep and muddy some sail rivers clear and cold
But the river that I'm sailin' goes to sea
And sometimes I do grow weary sometimes I feel old
And sometimes I wonder if you think of me

And when I first saw you I first loved you
With a song that I sang to the fire in your eyes
But somebody told you that it wouldn't be easy
And you carried that lie for the devil to sing

~Hoyt Axton

Sorry I can't link this for you. (see; youtube Lion in the Winter by FakeApology for the very best rendition) This song is Life's answer to the post A Tangled Tango. It is also an opportunity to tell you that two more newbies came in yesterday and today--Honduras and Ecuador respectively. I mention that because it brings to seven the number of new countries that appeared after the post All Is Vanity. What took (nearly) 13 months between Grinding Gears and All Is Vanity took less than thirty days between All is Vanity and Interesting or Odd. What do you make of that?

Monday, August 1, 2016

Interesting or Odd?

To understand this post in any way, you will need to read All Is Vanity. (7-4-16) Context is provided there. What to make of it I will leave to you. Peru 7-10-16 Argentina 7-13-16 Algeria 7-24-16 El Salvador 7-25-16 Bolivia 8-1-16.

ALGERIA--ARGENTINA--Australia--Austria--Belarus--Bahamas--Belgium--Brazil--BOLIVIA--Bulgaria--Canada--Chile--Costa Rica--Columbia--Denmark--EL SALVADOR--Finland--France--Germany--Georgia--Greece--Hungary-India--Indonesia--Iraq--Ireland--Italy--Israel--Jamaica--Japan--Kazakhstan--Kenya--Kuwait--Kyrgyzstan--Latvia--Lithuania--Malaysia--Mexico--Netherlands--Pakistan--PERU--Philippines--Poland--Portugal--Qatar--Romania--Russia--Serbia--Singapore--Slovakia--Spain--South Africa--South Korea--Sweden--Switzerland--Suriname--Taiwan--Tanzania--Thailand--Turkey--United Arab Emirate--Ukraine--United Kingdom--United States--Venezuela--Vietnam--Zambia--Zimbabwe