Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Cautionary Tale

On July 16th I received the following electronic message. The structure, punctuation, and emphasis, is that of the individual who sent it.

"u talk about the spirit & soul but ur heart is far from this**u attach on & remind me of a sheep in wolves clothing**u catch vulnerable souls reaching out**then u proceed to destroy their faith u built up** dropping ur responsibility u've taken on as a life coach**why don't u just be u**whoever that may be????????? u just flit around like a bumble bee not a care in the world or who may be revealing their soul to u**u haven't the credentials to take this task on**as usual I poured my soul out to someone not deserving**a reminder from my JESUS whose blood HE shed for a fool like me**ur "top of the morning" showed u do have biblical upbringing**how did u come to this**wounding spirits trying to soar??????"

It certainly is challenging when our efforts are viewed in such a light. The accusations are intense. But I decided to share them because they are not unknown to me. I alluded to reactions of this sort in a poem in the GOD section of the web site.

Hail! You prophets of tomorrow
Proud, erect, yet full of sorrow
Timeless eons since last you saw
Our children's souls so red and raw

Your task will be a difficult one
Bringing light where there is no sun
Duties many, rewards but few
Rare are ones who'll believe in you

An ancient wisdom your minds will hold
The coming future you shall unfold
Still they'll mock the Sons of Light
Feign a worship toward the Lords of Night

Yet, as it was an ever will be
You're to assist the blind to see
So forward now to the task at hand
Lead them back to the Promised Land.

Hopefully you'll be able to excuse the "poetic license" employed as I wrote about you--as well as placing myself in a position that I was qualified to do so. (elevating myself as evaluator of prophets) I explained in Siren Song (4-15-14) how the poetic process works for me. The larger point is, I am familiar with the reactions expressed by the individual who sent this message. By sharing them, I hope to dampen the possible damage a similar situation might cause for you.

The sole comment posted by the individual in question was made on the Handle With Care post of 10-24-13. (the first of four) I am left to surmise this is what is meant by; "as usual I poured my soul out to someone not deserving." (In the interest of full disclosure, they didn't start reading the blog until much later, perhaps 3 months ago. But I would, on occasion, link an older post to Facebook in an effort to widen my audience.) I believe the heart of the matter is revealed in the reference to Jesus and my "biblical upbringing." This seems to be the point of contention. That and the 7-2-14 post entitled "Schooling God," which she obviously took great exception to.

My views of God were expressed before any blog was ever posted. The web site Gift-Gratitude-God was a tour de force of my perspective. I didn't hide it--I celebrated it. I even encouraged people to make copies of the other sections of the web site as recently as 5-8-14. (Kanpai) And it was in that post I stated: "To Christians, once they see where I am coming from, not at all what they had in mind." (as to the limitations in the web site name) As I've said, I am familiar with the dynamic when one pushes up against another person's paradigm. Once a world view is challenged (real or imagined) the consequences can be devastating. I wish to let you know it isn't your responsibility to take on another person's projection.

In this we can take a cue from one far more accomplished than we are. (See Matthew 10:25)