Wednesday, November 16, 2016


A week ago yesterday my country crossed a line. I wrote about some of the ramifications in Confined to Quarters. (10-11-16) I stand against my President Elect. He is anathema to me. But refutation of the man does not mean he is not a clear and present danger--he most certainly is. So it seems we (and in particular, me) have some work to do. Hate and the many manifestations it takes on is roiling through the United States. It will certainly get (much) worse before it gets better; simply the appointment of new administration posts will lead to much consternation. (noting the sycophants, lickspittles, and nob-bobbers Trump has surrounded himself with will be receiving positions of authority) Still, I do not think Trump is evil; he is much too superficial and crass a man to attribute that sophistication to. But I do believe his ignorance and narcissism can be manipulated by others more malevolent than he himself--and in fact, already has. (see the USA Today article about Steve Bannon, 'Turn on the hate,' published today)

Ultimately, though, I do not wish for this site to become overly political--and there-in lies a challenge. I do not know if I am equal to the task. We shall see. One 'tool' that has made a sudden appearance is; "obstinate optimism." It seems new to me. (have you ever heard or read the phrase before?) I shall try and employ it. As I have quoted elsewhere, "despair is only for those who see the end beyond all doubt." (...guilty, as charged. 10-1-12) Let us then forgo despair and see a situation rife with possibilities. Where love isn't an abstraction, but a practice. Why integrity isn't a buzzword, but a life-style. How truth is indomitable, and not subject to intimidation. Let us manifest these attributes and more. Let us indeed become, Sons of Light.