Saturday, April 26, 2014

Instruction Manual

I have repeatedly made claims about the benefits of G-G-G. I have espoused that science backs up those claims. Here, yet another example.

Reading all 5 steps isn't necessary, (although there is a wonderful Zen story in #2) just read #4 and hit the link there. (it is the word 'grateful' in blue)

Interesting the 3rd paragraph has gift in quotation marks, isn't it? (as well as several places in the first link without quotations) The next to last paragraph also suggests that parents teach teenagers to think "outside the box" about what may be interpreted as a negative. (a breakup or not getting into their school of choice)

So what is left is simply IMPLEMENTATION. How are you coming along with making G-G-G a part of your life? Demonstrating it not only for your children, but all who you come in contact with? And in what manner is God manifesting in your life? Or are the self-imposed limitations you carry with you regarding God negating the experience?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Less known than it's more famous "cousin " Pi (3.14159265 etc.).

There are certain things you need to be exposed to before the curtain comes down--Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio being one of them.