Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pure Enough

When we convince our self we can't possibly live without another person, we resist all intention and impulse of discovery. I belong with/to this other person and they belong with/to me. We're SOUL MATES! I'll love them forever!! Our mind is made up.

As you listen to this powerful song by Jennifer Warnes, ask yourself the following questions: 1) If "this love is real," why are you unhappy the way it's unfolding? 2) It might be worthwhile to investigate, "don't matter how it all went wrong," you might discover why. 3) If you "never get enough," how needy are you? 4) Not "get(ting) nothin' done" or "be with anyone," sure plays to self-indulgence, doesn't it? 5) I think it fine that you're, "never givin' in, never givin' up babe," so long as you accept the emotional cost it entails. 6) Would you ever really want a "cure for love?"


It may be a sacrilege to break down an emotional song this way. The purpose is not to disparage it, or you. Truth is, it's one of my all time favorites. And there are times it can be therapeutic to get down in the mud and grovel in our misery. Lets just be honest with ourselves as to why. We want love to be the way we want it to be. If it's not, we start self-destructing, abusing, indulging, blaming, pouting; in general having a major, all around shit-fit.

What I ask of you is this: go beyond the pain, the rejection, the humiliation. See what lies beyond. And beyond that, yet again. I promise you there is more. Once imagined, once experienced, once integrated, you'll understand the gift love has offered you. It won't be what you expected, but it will be enough to sustain you. Even if your heart has been broken.