Friday, March 7, 2014

What's It Worth

As your wish goes up in smoke, how do you react? A choice challenged, preference paralyzed, desire destitute...what do you do?

Mount up.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ashes to Ashes

Today is "Ash Wednesday." This marks the first day of Lent--the religious observance in imitation of Christ's 40 days in the desert. Christians typically "give something up". It can be alcohol, food, (meat perhaps, or dessert) candy/gum, (big for kids) or a personal habit. (smoking, swearing) If you feel as though you could benefit from some sort of self-denial, I would ask you to consider giving up one specific thing this Lenten season: feeling sorry for yourself.


"...woes, woes, pile up to your nose---cause good enough just isn't good enough."

The world is once again falling deeply in love with you. Lets hope that on this occasion you will accept it's adoration in the spirit in which its given. Lets hope that if the world offers you the moon, the dawn, and the breeze, you won't reject these gifts and say that what you really wanted was a comet, a talking raven, and a pie in the sky. There would be nothing sadder than to see the world suffer another case of unrequited love. ~Rob Brezsny

Come back at Easter and share how it went.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Advanced Studies

This article isn't for the faint of heart or the timid. It is a real expose' on all things "spiritual." Richard Grossinger shines a light into the dark recesses of spiritual doubt and holds us accountable for the inconsistencies that arise.

I had no idea why Tiphareth needed to be shared Saturday, other than I was experiencing a parallel event. To post it seemed a non-sequitur. The compulsion was strong though, and I have learned to just "go with flow" concerning certain urges. Reading the article by Grossinger revealed it was important in this sense; contradictory expressions of being aren't illegitimate as long as we acknowledge them. And how I felt 35 years ago (or yesterday) isn't going to dictate how I feel today--no matter how seductive the "pattern of behavior" may be. (or actually IS!) I can hurt and still hope. I can be tossed and still trust. I can feel loss and still love. What I chose not to do is be hypocritical about my hypocrisy. Many a time "gift" was the furthest thing from my mind when it came to Life and what it brought me. (the poem being just one example) If it invalidates the web site for you, so be it. You others, take heart. Richard has struck at the heart of the matter...

"Yet most average people are literally scaled down into triteness by their own doubts and apostasies, denying Christ at least three times a day before the cock crows."                                                       

Let us determine we are neither average nor trite.