Thursday, June 19, 2014

Emphasis on an Echo

Sound is nothing more than vibrations. In Sound Off I tried to impart how sound affects us. I wish to make clear that language is simply sound units (or sequences) that are related to specific meanings.

The importance of this is my use of the term, "resonate." A number of entries on this blog have recommended that you find that which you resonate with. Resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate (vibrate) with greater amplitude at some frequencies than others. (amplitude is: the maximum extent of vibration measured from a position of equilibrium)

Your internal dialogue is "heard" as well, and the point being emphasized today. When you go through your day that "little voice " in your head is exactly that--a VOICE that emits sound.

That being the case, it is crucial the frequency at which you vibrate is tuned to that which serves you best. You must be vigilant of what and how you think. What you think is the "dial" (vibration) that determines what "radio station" (frequency) you tune into. The radio station that provides the greatest amplitude is where we wish to reside (resonate). That station has the "call letters," G-G-G.

Gratitude is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all others. ~Cicero

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We Are Alive

Shake off all of your sins and give them to me...

Whatever you've done that fell short of your true intent, acknowledge it. Where you can, atone for it. Life will present opportunities for you to do so. Speak your truth and accept the events that follow. Accountability and acceptance are blood brothers. That done, open yourself to what happens in your life as an Instruction Manuel. You are not a finished product. You will continue to be honed and refined throughout your life. This can be an exciting prospect--expansion is inherent in your DNA. Life's continuous expansion manifests in change. Be alert to the opportunities change offers.

One possible change you can weigh is your current approach. If it doesn't include astonishment that you are alive, experiencing the inexplicable reality of your own existence, you may want to ponder your direction.

Monday, June 16, 2014


You have to come to terms with how you operate. The simple fact is, through evolution, you have a built-in "negativity bias." Here is an article explaining it.

You have to start accepting Life on it's own terms. "It is what it is." People spend an inordinate amount of time resisting what is. How often do you hear or speak phrases like, "I don't believe it. Why did he/she/they DO that? This is bullshit." And you know what? You may be right. It is unbelievable, or inconceivable, or down right nonsense. But it is what it is--and you are going to have to come to grips with the reality of the moment. You must also realize you are going to have a predisposition to interpret it as bad or a threat. You brain is wired for just such a reaction.

The truth is, we honestly don't know that it is bad. And if you can bring yourself to accepting it as a gift of unknown potency, power, or possibility, you will have changed the dynamic. It is what it is...but not what it is going to be. Like a magician, you have the power to transform what it is, to what it is GOING to be.

Carl Jung said, "what you resists, persists." I want you to fully understand that, and why acceptance is so important. If you deny the reality of the moment, you empower it. You dwell on it. You gnaw on it like a bone. You play and replay the unfairness, the betrayal, the selfishness, or the violence in your head, saying all the while--it cannot be. Yet, it has already taken place! The resulting pain, sadness,  disappointment, or heartache, will still be waiting at the end of your denial. Though we may not wish a  particular situation unfold, it is the emotions (reactions) to that event that create the components that determine how the next event in our life will be understood. If we can develop a technique where all life is seen as a gift, we rewire our neurons and create a self-sustaining "operating system."