Friday, September 20, 2013


You trust someone and they let you down
Tear you up and toss you around
What do you do to show the right path
To someone who's spiteful with unwarranted wrath

Easy to say, difficult to do
Meeting hate with an I love you
But it has to be done, it's simply a must
Or how in the world will they learn to trust


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Red Headed Step Child

I honestly don't know if this expression is understood around the planet, so let me clarify: a red headed step child are people who are last considered, if they are considered at all. So unimportant they are rarely thought of in the scheme of things. And sadly, this blog has become a red headed step child in the last 9 days. I don't think I have ever allowed so much time to elapse between posts. That said, ironically, the reason for it is ANOTHER red headed step e-book! 

Boy, did I entertain high expectations from friends and family about immediately purchasing "The Last Enchanted Forest." (see Book tab at top of page) The apathy and indifference was eye-opening. It also hurt. Down deep. On a very personal level. And I wanted to give myself time to feel it, really experience that pain. I figured that was the only way I would be able to "let it go." So I took the time. Yet, while I was experiencing disappointment about the lack of e-book sales, I found myself unable and unwilling to "blog." In a very poor metaphor (since I in no way consider myself "superman") it was like Superman around kryptonite. I felt powerless. I felt the lack of response was a reflection of me, when in truth, it said what needed to be said of "family and friends." I needed to recalibrate those who fit the definition, simple as that. (see; Matthew 12:48)

The truth is, if every friend and family member bought my book it wouldn't come CLOSE to the sales I believe the book warrants. The book is awesome...a wonderful tale that is worthy of global recognition. And if Life decides it is constructive, beneficial, and illuminating, nothing on earth could possibly stop the momentum that will, eventually, build around the book and take it to unimaginable sales. That is how Life works. At least that is what I have been claiming for 14 months on this web site. I've also said in many places---"lets put it to the test." So now you'll get to see for yourself. I have said I need to sale 100 books in 3 months to Louis Borelli. (book store owner) He said I didn't have the marketing in place to get close to that number. I said it was a VERY conservative number. I will let you know at the end of December where we are at. (and so you know, the following 6 months I would like the book to sale 1000 copies)

Final note: As a precursor of things to come, and something only one other person of the 7 billion people on earth could possibly understand...."Hi Morgan!"