Friday, December 26, 2014

They Know Not What They Do

But you do. So do it.

"This regular motif in the stories of prophetic vocations symbolizes the difficulty of speaking God's word. The prophets were not eager to proclaim the divine message and were reluctant to undertake a mission of great strain and anguish." ~ Karen Armstrong, A History of God (Knopf 1993) pp 42

I understand. I get it. And I ask you do it anyway. Share the message of G-G-G. Then stand back and observe the way the Universe works. Examine the dynamics and your reaction to them. If it is a "mission of great strain and anguish," it is because you insist on a predetermined outcome. The trick is seeing any particular result as FLUID. Do not determine a conclusion where there has only been an effect. (you will know you have concluded an outcome if gratitude escapes you) Instead, see the "result" as a button being pushed--that can trigger a switch which will lower a lever causing rotation of possible outcomes. Everything is still in play as long as you are. Do not be deterred. Adversity is simply a signpost announcing you are near your destination.