Saturday, March 2, 2013

See How It Works--Part 2

Did you see this? I guess the first thing the children want is an accurate accounting of how extensive the horror was.

We cannot reach atonement without accountability. We cannot help them learn to smile again if we don't know them. Regardless of how gruesome the truth, we must not flinch. We owe it to them.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

See How It Works?

It took me a 24 hours to see it myself. Reread the February 18th post (Flatline). Admittedly I was in a bit of a funk. The ego was "doing its thing." I was questioning the value of the web site and I ended the blog entry (basically) with the line; "Still, if the word goes forth and no one hears it, it simply DIES ON THE WIND."

On Sunday the 24th, the Oscars were dominate in the news and it reminded me of the work of Oskar Schindler during WW II. I spent more than an hour trying to find something of interest to celebrate him. Although it wasn't directly about Schindler, I settled on "Auschwitz; Song of the Children." I had never heard of the song before, not even in passing. I wrestled with the fact it was in Italian (see the credits at the end of the video). Ultimately I went with it and entered; "And the Oscar goes to..."

Though it seems obvious now, it only struck me a day later of the song lyrics; "I passed through the chimney and now I AM IN THE WIND." Point is Life responded to me. It answered my question of whether or not I should continue the blog. Even if no one visits this site, it doesn't matter. Because the word going forth won't die on the wind, it will speak to those that are now part of the wind. Perhaps I can find a way to help them learn how to smile again.

I am also struck by the fact this is the last post honoring the 26 victims of Sandy Hook. Somehow it seems fitting (to me) that there is a correlation between "Auschwitz; Song of the Children," and Sandy Hook. I even feel it is possible the Children of Auschwitz were there to embrace and comfort the Children of Newtown during their ascension.

I am ending this post with a link to the Webb Sisters rendition of "If It Be Your Will." I used it on a post from 7-29-12 (Aurora Requiem). I am using it again because it is so profoundly beautiful. There is nothing that I know of that I would rather have sung to those teachers and children.

*Victoria Soto

5-6-13 Update: The kids wanted to share their own song with those from Sandy Hook. Who am I to argue?

6-23-15 Goodness! Came back to visit (because someone had "hit" this particular post) and found the Webb Sisters song wasn't available (this video contains content from SME, who has blocked it on copyright grounds) while the children's song was. How fitting! Life IS amazing.