Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mark 8:18

Wow...the realization that Zach volunteered to be the "Ambassador of Smiles" regarding the effort to help them "learn how to smile again" just became crystal clear. In case you are unclear of what took place watch...

I didn't learn of Zach until today. Reread Monday's post. Not only was "Children of Africa" a start, it was a conduit for Zach to take over. They are in good hands. They wish us to be mindful that nothing similar (even REMOTELY!) happens to anyone, anywhere. They realize this is a full time endeavor.

That said, they have one last wish...that you trust YOUR message doesn't "die on the wind." From longing to revelation, from revelation to understanding, from understanding to there is much more going on than we currently understand. That we have been given a gift that defies description. It is so magnificent it is almost too hard to believe...except for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.

The wind has found a resting place.

Pure and Uncut

Zach died Monday. (5-20-13) Thought I would share his song with you.

(You can view much more at "Zach Sobiech-My Last Days.")

There is a beautiful celebration going on. I extend an invitation to you to be part of it. To grow from it. To experience "if only, I had a little bit more time." Because you do...and it is a wondrous gift.

Monday, May 20, 2013

My Hope

On 2-26-13 I posted See How It Works where I responded to a specific line in the song "Auschwitz-Song of the Children" (posted 2-24-13; And the Oscar Goes To) by stating; "perhaps I can find a way to help them learn how to smile again." It is my sincere hope the following link is a start. Children of Auschwitz, meet the Children of Africa...

Sometimes, if our desire is strong enough, the inexplicable occurs. Sometimes, when you believe all things are possible, heaven and earth come together.

Sometimes a smile is all we have. Sometimes its all somebody needs.

I would be most grateful if, the next time you see a child, you give them the most radiant smile you possess. Share all that you are so they become all they can be.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Sermon

Thus saith the Lord:

This week's challenge; find love in a whole new place. Even if that means an unexplored fragment of your own heart.