Thursday, October 24, 2013

Handle With Care

When you observe something of beauty, a fine instrument or piece of art, do you ever wonder about the amount of time, talent and skill that goes into the creation of it? I ask for one simple reason; think how easy it is to destroy things. A Stradivarius violin can be stepped on and crushed in a second. A van Gogh ruined by a 2 dollar pocket knife. Time, talent or skill level necessary--none.

As Life unfolds and sweeps you along, please consider the value of all that surrounds you. Much of it may bore or even repel you. It may be so common place it doesn't even draw a conscious response. And that's okay--it happens. If you stumbled across this post though, know some Presence has tapped you on the shoulder. It asks you to remember. It requests that you recalibrate. It invites you take time to recall you are a co-Creator.

As powerful and wonderful as that link is, I want you to expand your efforts further. I ask you move beyond your initial discomfort with the next link. See the warmth, wisdom and beauty flowing from those fingers. The manifestation of an interior vision so contrary to the outward, physical "reality."

As children we were told; "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me." As adults we know little else can hurt us more. Today, tomorrow, and for as long as the momentum carries you, choose your words carefully. Look beyond terms like garbage, trash, or waste, and see with the eye of an artist. Like an empty canvas or a lump of clay, words can be a medium to create an object of beauty. And with all things of value, it takes time, talent and patience. Destroying it only takes a moment of mindlessness, carelessness, recklessness.

Words are like raindrops--one, several, or many may not be enough to bring a parched land back to life. But if you are consistent, if you are persistent, you can transform a wasteland. The truly astounding occurrence is that you, like the wasteland, are redefined in the process. Desiderata suggests; "beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself." I beg you go even further. Be gentle with all who interact with you--they are far more fragile than they would ever let on.

Update: Caught my error concerning the 2nd link 9:40 PM PST. Sorry about that!  Great site though, huh? Proper link now in place.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


God sleeps in the rock
Dreams in the plant
Stirs in the animal
And awakens in man

~ ibn al-Arabi
12th century Sufi mystic

Monday, October 21, 2013


One pearl of ancient wisdom is; "as above, so below." As we conduct experiments with quantum entanglement we can better theorize of possibilities once thought impossible.

As eye opening as the possibilities may be, I am (always and ever) more inclined to personalize the data. What does it mean in my life? What, if any, are its applications? How can I use the information to reach beyond my current state--beyond my potential? Could entanglement possibly be a physical manifestation of karma? That all interaction, both macro and micro, carry potential of lasting effect?

Enjoy the questions while you wait on the answers.

Update 10-29 The initial (and better) link to "Tangled up in Blue" (Bob Dylan) was pulled so I have replaced it. How long this replacement link is up is any one's guess. Thought I should let you know.