Monday, February 3, 2014

Personal Note

To honor and celebrate the opportunity and possibilities...

...regardless of the outcome. Thank you.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Value Added

As I have shared with you, how you interpret an event dictates how you receive it. The emotional charge (positive-negative) experienced is, to a large extent, wholly dependent on the value you assign that occurrence. With that in mind, watch the following video...

If you can perceive a situation as a "gift," what does it then become? No matter the initial response to the stimuli, try to create space (room) for another interpretation. That contrary to your immediate reaction that this is "bad," Life is actually bringing you a blessing. The dynamic that you create is self-fulfilling. It is how we are "wired." (neuroscience and the physiology of your brain--see link)

If this is so, (and it is) what is preventing you from initiating G-G-G as a practice? If you resist initiating this practice in your life, ask yourself why? The answer you come up with will provide an invaluable insight on why you nurture your unhappiness.