Saturday, February 28, 2015

Back To The Garden

Virtue came across Wonder on a path to the Garden

"Hey Wonder."

Looking up with wide eyes, Wonder responded; "Hi Vi," and subtly reddened when Virtue hugged him. Despite his slight embarrassment, he was pleased his friend always embraced him. Virtue meant the world to Wonder.

"Whatcha doing?" asked Virtue.

"Watching a dung beetle," replied Wonder. "They always push their poo in a straight line."

Virtue laughed. "Yes, they're accomplished astronomers," said Virtue. "They navigate using the Milky Way."

Wonder gasped in amazement, never doubting Virtue. "Who would have ever dreamed of that?" marveled Wonder.

"Lets go ask Her," Virtue responded.

And so it was Wonder and Virtue made their way to the eastern entry of the Garden. A flaming sword was rotating impressively at the entrance, watched over carefully by Charles the Cherubim. Virtue passed by the sword and angel both, but Wonder hesitated. "Am I allowed?" Wonder questioned. Immediately the sword swelled to ten times its original size, blocking any possible access. "Vi, help me!" Wonder shouted.

Virtue turned, retraced her steps, and took Wonder's hand. She led him back down the path until they reached a small, overgrown trail. Virtue and Wonder were a good long while on this trail until they reached the little known western gate into the Garden. The passage way was unobstructed.

"Why is there a sword at the eastern gate," asked Wonder.

"To keep the tourists out," said Virtue.

"Am I a tourist, then, Vi?" Wonder remarked.

"No Wonder," responded Virtue. "You just doubted a good intention is all."

"Oh," Wonder mused. He recalled that Hell was paved with those.

"How come there are so many Fiddler Crabs in the Garden, Vi?" Wonder posed, carefully stepping over and around the vast horde of crustaceans that seemed to be scurrying everywhere.

"Shortage of fiddle sticks, Wonder," Virtue answered. "A real shortage of fiddle sticks."