Friday, June 12, 2015

Grinding Gears

Well, it's certainly been interesting since I posted Mum's the Word. I suppose I took that suggestion a tad too seriously. I've found that being Irish and a natural inheritor of a 'kiss from the Blarney Stone,' (in fact, I think it was more a make-out session) that I didn't want to use one word when ten were available. So I nixed possible posts understanding I wouldn't be able to live up to my own challenge of brevity. No matter...lesson learned.

As to re-engaging the blog after an extended layoff: not easy. I keep believing I've said it all. God (Life-Presence-Universal Mind) says to keep telling you. Like my first journalism class in High School where the rule of thumb was; "tell 'em what you're going to tell 'em, tell 'em, tell 'em what you've told 'em," God seems to want me to continue. (yeah-I don't understand it either) Why do I think so? Reread the 10-14-14 post 'Open Parenthesis'. (specifically the paragraphs listed 'Second' and 'Fourth') Here is what has happened since. IRAQ 12-2-14  ITALY 1-21-15  DENMARK 2-15-15 ZAMBIA 3-12-15  HUNGARY 4-8-15  VIETNAM 5-6-15. (new countries and the date they showed up as a "hit.") In the eight months since Open Parenthesis, six new countries. Averaging about one every six weeks or so. (Wakarimasen 2-12-14 to Open Parenthesis 10-14-14 was 8 months as well, with 13 new countries--but remember, 3 came in 16 days. So, a slightly higher average, but more countries were available as "new.")

Now here is what happened this morning. I checked the blog for activity and saw Greece was on the day before. I thought, OH-HO, Greece is new! Double checking myself, I saw I was wrong. Greece had come in sometime between 2-12-14 and 10-14-14. But it did cause me to wonder what Western European country hadn't been a visitor. The only one I could think of was--Portugal. And I thought about trying to "lure" them into a hit like I had Japan (2-12-14) and Australia. (G'Day Mate! 5-29-13) The thought exhausted me. I didn't want to. I exited the blog and went out for a couple hours to run errands. Guess who dropped in between then and now? Portugal.

So. Yep. Uh-huh. A co-inky-dink. But a powerful, interesting, rather remarkable co-inky-dink. One I choose not to ignore. And unless I am willing to start hearing voices in my head, (which I am not) one of the ways for the "source" to communicate. (and emphatically at that) As to where we're going? Don't know. But I do know where we've been:  Australia--Austria--Belarus--Belgium--Brazil--Canada--Chile--China--Columbia--Denmark--Finland--France--Germany--Georgia--Greece--Hungary--India--Indonesia--Iraq--Ireland--Italy--Israel--Jamaica--Japan--Kazakhstan--Kenya--Kyrgyzstan--Lithuania--Malaysia--Mexico--Netherlands--Pakistan--Philippines--Poland--Portugal--Romania--Russia--Serbia--Singapore--Slovakia--Spain--South Africa--South Korea--Sweden--Switzerland--Suriname--Taiwan--Tanzania--Thailand--Turkey--Ukraine--United Kingdom--United States--Venezuela--Vietnam--Zambia--Zimbabwe.