Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The 91st

For He will give His angels charge of you
To guard you in all your ways
To bear you up less you dash your foot against a stone

In times of doubt or trouble, marshal your resources. It really doesn't matter what mental construct they take. Some are comfortable putting themselves in the "white light." Others use spells or incantations. Often a mentor, guru, or saint is petitioned. It makes little difference. Utilize what resonates with you. Slow and deepen your breath. Then, let what happens happen.

The bottom line is you can handle it. And, if you're a repeat visitor, you may even be able to put it in the context of a gift. Or doesn't matter. The time will come when you can. Know this though, your limitations are self-imposed. The Universe wants, needs, and is desirous for you to become an adept, masterfully ingenious in your ability to transform trouble to tranquility. Let it be so.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


    Prelude--A Hole for a Soul

The Devil laughed you simple twit
Nothing more than the Creators shit
Hear, at last, the dominant theme
You're never to have your cherished dream

...but that Devil wasn't finished yet
He clamored there was still a debt
And so the fiend sent a mighty blow
That tore asunder my very soul

The demon cried, "you have no dream!"
But the man had found another stream
That nothing could obstruct nor bar
Who's portal was the Piscean star

      The Fiction of Affliction

A thought, a theme, a precious glimmer
Amid the madness began to shimmer
Then the Source revealed It's presence
Began to share It's holy essence

A moment before his mind could snap
The Creator's love revealed the trap
The man was shown another course
A way to handle demonic force...

"What credit do you give this thing?
Who's voice is it that truly sings?
Submit, surrender, and just let go
Don't resist what I make flow

Your demon is a paradox
It makes you hare while it plays fox
Convinces black when you see white
Ignores the love and longs to fight

Says me, my needs, and all my way
Don't give a damn about their say
It's me, it's mine, I've got to have it
Tramples all in greed to grab it

Step back my child and take a look
An obvious worm on a rusty hook
Your ego's "I" at all expense
Erects the most constricting fence

Yet ever you would run and hide
To seek assurances in your pride
Excluding this, condemning that
While all the while promoting Pat

Your way, your say, is not My will
Not just your heart that I would fill
Let go, let Me, accept the chance
That all is divine in the cosmic dance."