Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sky Light

"So it all has to do with celestial polarization?" Wonder asked.

The Queen of Heaven smiled and stated, "That's it in a nutshell."

Wonder looked around to see where this amazing nutshell was. He was understandably confused. The explanation of a dung beetles' ability to navigate by star and sky defied logic. Unable to locate the nutshell, Wonder looked up at the Queen of Heaven and said, "do they really dance?"

The Lady responded, "It might be more accurate to say they orientate themselves. But that's akin to saying humans only dance to find themselves. While true, it certainly misses the essence of what dance is. The impulse to dance is in your DNA, Wonder."

This in no way cleared up the many questions that assailed poor Wonder's mind. He was spared further confusion when Harmony appeared and clasped first his, and then Virtue's, hand. "Let's skip to the loo and then back home," she suggested. "Our Lady has a Fiddle Festival to attend."

"Indeed," the Queen of Heaven said. "The new batch of fiddle sticks are going to be tested!" As she gathered her gown before moving off, she smiled at Vi and said, "be sure to tell Wonder about the 'riddle of the fiddle.' "

The last thing Wonder wanted was another riddle. He was riddled to death. Never-the-less, he turned his head to Vi with a sigh.

Virtue snorted and laughed. "Wonder, relax!" she said. "You aren't expected to know all the answers. Just take it in and see what happens, okay? Harmony's here and she'll help"

"Okay, Vi."

"Okay!" Vi responded. "The riddle of the fiddle is as follows; When you rosin a bow--It's important to know--A result of that friction--Can induce benediction."

Harmony and Virtue were reduced to tears of laughter when, Wonder in tow, they exited the garden to Harmony's innocent query, "what light through yonder Wonder breaks?"