Sunday, June 16, 2013


Because I began this silliness, I feel compelled to complete the circle. Friday the 14th, a lone, single, solitary Aussie wandered in (apparently from the Outback---dazed and dehydrated) to G-G-G. The desire to have at least one visitor from every continent (Post: "G'Day Mate" May 29th) has been fulfilled.

How often have your heard, "I want a June wedding." June seems to be the most popular month for weddings. To celebrate all newlyweds everywhere, my tribute to you.

Make sure you check out Couples Therapy posts (10-19-12 and 3-18-13) if things ever get rough.

It's Father's Day, so lets go ahead with an over-the-top sentimental tribute to our fathers, living and passed.

Enjoy the day, your fathers, and all Life has to offer.

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