Monday, August 26, 2013

Role Playing

It is what it is...but it ain't what it's gonna be.

Here is where you come in. This is your role. The transitional figure to take us from where we are to "how it's gonna be." It's going to be peaceful, inclusive, and loving, if you are. It's going to be supple and flexible and intuitive, if you are. It's going to be patient, tolerant, and kind, if you are.

Is there a more superb learning experience than observing what is possible? Evidence that alternative expressions to negative stimulus are not only possible, but incontrovertible, because you yourself have born witness to it. The more provocative the circumstances, the more potential to infuse the moment with an "exceptional response." The extraordinary. The way others long to be but are unfamiliar with. Show them. Be a living, breathing "teachable moment." Be that which you aspire to be.

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