Sunday, August 18, 2013

Brass Tacks

Well the results are in and the consensus is I'm sometimes difficult to understand. The most recent example is Fridays post where I linked the song "Stones" to the post because of the line; "a landslide starts with a single PEBBLE." The individual in question didn't make the association. Further, the line; " is the time, this is the place, you are the person;" with the link to Orly's video was specific for you to do something similar this weekend. The direction, "mount up" was a reference to the 2-23-13 post of the same name that instructs you to ACT! That I am not the least bit interested in your excuses. (in case I was unclear the entire post)

While spirituality is self-generated, you can "grease the wheels." It won't happen though, if you come to this site with an every day attitude. If all you bring is your five senses, nothing much is going to happen. If however, you tote your imagination and your intuition in here, with an understanding of metaphor and allegory, momentum will start to build towards a manifestation of "promises made"  (that if you see things as a Gift, with authentic Gratitude, God will make His presence known).

A simple test for you is to go to the "headers" atop Home-Gift-Gratitude-God; they tell a story. Can you see it? The About Me and Blog headers are very much a part of that story, though nuanced to a specific part of the "plot" rather than the story in general. Can you discern the distinctions? I can tell you hours (and HOURS!) were spent selecting the "perfect" pictures. The restrictions on what was available were enormous. (they had to be free and site specific) Gwenn and I went at it several times (hammer and tong) as to the appropriateness of what we were using and why. That Gwenn adopted this attitude is why I love her. She became a collaborator. She took part ownership of MY web site!

I told you that to tell you this; I anticipate the same involvement from you. Mentally, metaphorically, "take off your sandals" (the worlds mass hypnosis) as you enter this site. (see the first sentence of the July 3rd post; Holy Ground) This is the way to maximize the benefits. If you should snort derisively and think--this fool believes his site is holy ground, up his--trust me, I get it. The problem is, you won't. Another opportunity will go by the wayside. And you will wonder why your head hurts as you continue to bang it against the proverbial wall.

Know that you are most welcome to bang your head against the wall. This too is a gift. How else for you to insure all roads have been explored? As Neil Diamond said, "being lost is worth the coming home." And whether you know it or not, you are headed home--the game is rigged, the outcome assured. G-G-G is just a way to hasten the process. Now I ask you, is that really so hard to understand?

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