Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Harmony had formed an impromptu conga line of several squirrels, a hedgehog, an entire family of voles, and one extremely nimble brown bear. They disappeared down an incline straddling the Dipatoe river, 1-2-3-KICK'ing with utter glee. Wonder sighed and turned to Virtue, "She never seems to stay around for very long. She comes and goes so quickly."

Virtue smiled and said, "Harmony is an 'intent', Wonder, not a person."

"How can that be Vi," Wonder questioned. "We were just with her."

"Being around the Lady creates a sort of resonance Wonder. You were engrossed and deeply affected by Her presence. Harmony was the result."

Wonder chewed on this answer for awhile before asking, "Is the Lady, God, Vi?"

"Partially," Virtue answered. "She is half a potentiality. The Lord is the other half. They each have a realm where they rule. We exist where the two realms overlap. Formally it is known as the Vesica Piscis, Wonder, but most simply call it life. Everything that you know of springs from this source."

Wonder's head was spinning and he walked a long way contemplating what Virtue had said. He had heard so much that he didn't understand. First from the Lady and now from Vi. He felt lost. "Oh Vi," Wonder finally confessed, "I feel so muddled."

"Don't over think it Wonder," Vi suggested. She could see her little friends furrowed forehead and knew he was apt to get lost in the answers. "The dung beetle doesn't even know the word 'astronomy' exists. And the idea of 'celestial polarization' has never occurred to any dung beetle at any time since creation began--yet they do what they do. It is something to marvel at, not muddle over."

"But how do they do it Vi, how?"

"How now brown cow?"

Wonder and Virtue turned to see who had spoken. It wasn't a total surprise to see Whimsy flashing his irresistible smile. He went on: "Hey diddle diddle--Her Lady loves a fiddle--And the cow jumped over the moon--The little crab scoffed--And said to be off--So the Archbishop ran away with a loon."

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