Sunday, March 22, 2015


Yesterday, after glancing at the librarians' name tag, I noted her name was similar to an author of one of the books I was checking out. (Terry Pratchett) Overhearing us, the other librarian announced that he had just died. Arriving home, I Googled the information to see that Mr. Pratchett had died 3-12-15.

I had just "met" Pratchett a month or so ago. I had stumbled upon a number of his quotes from various books he had written and was quite taken by his unusual view of things. (See; Tipping The Scales 2-17-15) So much so I wrote a "tribute" to him with Fiddler on the Roof. I followed with two additional (and consecutive) posts; Back to the Garden and Sky Light, carrying the "tribute" forward. I haven't posted anything since. (12 days) I wonder what to make of that...

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