Monday, December 2, 2013


Possibly the greatest crime we commit against each other is this daily show of "normality." I have countless little conversations with a variety of people, and the impression I get is that most men don't have problems. Even the complainer presents himself as a victim. He doesn't suggest that he is experiencing confusion. He is all right: it is the circumstances which are bad.

The comment "Don't mind him, he's got a problem" illustrates this universal attitude toward personal difficulty. The implication is that having a problem is a strange and avoidable weakness. When I come in repeated contact with this daily facade of normality I begin to assume that I too deserve such a life, and I get annoyed with the present and look upon my difficulties as unjust tragedies. And because I assume there is something unnatural about my having a problem, I attempt to present a problem free appearance too.

~ Hugh Prather Notes to Myself

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