Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dark Side of the Moon

I came across a Ted Talks this morning. (linked below) It spoke to something that has always been part of my life. First, in my own family growing up. Later, after joining the Gold Country Writers, through meeting Louise (and Milton) Schnur. Louise had written a book entitled "From Darkness to Light," which spoke of her struggle with domestic violence. Perhaps now is the time for context...

Louise was born 9-25-1930. She was married at 17. Her first marriage, as well as numbers two and three, were a cycle of violent domestic abuse. Reading her story is torture. It is more than dark, it is pitch black. It takes an extreme emotional toll. I can't even imagine living it. That said, several times in the course of reading her story, I literally wanted to "shake some sense" into Louise myself. How could she continue to make the same mistakes, the same choices, over and over? How could anyone be so stupid? Of course, this had all taken place decades before and Louise had fought (literally and figuratively) her way out. My emotional investment was misplaced. Louise had survived and thrived--she met and married husband #4, Milton Schnur, June 17th, 1972. (for perspective, the first modern women's shelter, Haven House, wasn't established until 1964)

Louise became a spokesperson for WEAVE in 1997. (Women Escaping a Violent Environment) In December of 1999 she became one of the poster girls for the organization. (Full page ad; Sacramento Bee 12-27-99) Louise had indeed, made it into the Light. The issue is, those who haven't. And what could be the rationale for men to physically abuse women.

Here in part, is a place to start.

Take time today to examine what your definition of a "man" is. It seems self-evident that many (far too many) have got it all wrong. And it is past time (far past time) we got it right.      


  1. Wonderful to learn more of Louise here. Maybe retitle this What is a Man? to see if that might get more hits on the internet? Just guessing based on what I just learned about the power of questions in blog titles. Do you plan to follow up with your own definition, I hope?

  2. June, forgive me for not responding till now. I am unaccustomed to "comments." Some have said they have trouble figuring out how to publish; and some whether or not comments are even available to make. Hence, my blindness when one is sitting there waiting for me to review and publish. (yes, I thought that might be an issue at the onset and wished to retain editorial control. hah!) To your query: I do not believe I actually address the question; "what is a man?" I put some thought into my titles so that they resonate intuitively with my post, (at least that is the goal) and it isn't my desire to present my view as much as it is to have the reader "flesh out" their own. Can I get them to reflect? That said, I am in no way opposed to increasing my readership and will certainly give the "power of questions" a trial or two. I will be curious to see the dynamic and whether or not I can utilize it effectively. I really appreciate the tip!


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