Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sacred Masculine

I mentioned in the 11-6 post (People Don't Learn) that a "gratitude course" was starting up and provided a link to enroll. Yesterday was day 9 of the course and the question was; "what is the greatest compliment you have ever received." My answer came immediately to mind. That produced an avalanche of events resulting in today's post. In a small way, you are going to meet the first girl I ever dated. She wrote me two poems. (how cool is that?) The one containing the compliment isn't going to be shared. I view it as "too personal--too intimate." After reading the poem I AM going to share, (with her permission) you may develop a sense of appreciation for my reluctance.

        Mountain Dream

Alone this mountain morning
I went for a walk, a climb
Beside a silent stream of melted
First snowfall
(first love, you are a splashing brook inside)
Not even dawn, fading stars
Were strewn across the sky
A mist of cold blue air swirling
Disguising the tall evergreens
(your face, I see it, focus, out of focus,
gone, leaving only your eyes, stars)
Slowly the forest awoke
Twitching brown chipmunks
Scampered up trees, startled
By my intrusion into their
Morning breakfast world
Stopping to watch, I leaned
Against a green feathered pine
And suddenly the sun broke
Through the mist, setting fire
To the treetops with its touch
(Now the limbs encircle and take hold,
surrounding, your arms, your arms so close
as we entwine until the sun touches me too)

For those interested, the February 1st post was written to her.

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