Thursday, November 14, 2013

A For Effort

While growing up I often heard the adage; "well, you get an A for effort." The crux of the message was the situation hadn't turned out as you had hoped, but it was obvious you had done your very best. I wonder where that saying went? I ask because of an article my second cousin (and devoted mother) posted on Facebook this morning.

It is an interesting, insightful article that is well researched. It is also l-o-n-g! And I was struck by the fact that what takes 15 minutes to read is encapsulated by The Last Enchanted Forest in a stanza that takes all of 10 seconds. (Dwarves will convey persistence--Strength and inner pride--Acceptance of just what they are--Not something that they hide)

The context in which this is shared is Willie's (a leprechaun) reaction to the assistance the "big one's" are obviously in need of. After visiting our world, he returns home and explains to his forest family that they have to go and help out. Part of his rational is how different groups (elves, pixies, dwarves) can share traits beneficial to the big folk.

To be clear, Willie isn't a psychologist or child behaviorist. He didn't conduct any experiments. He just KNEW. Like I know your child (grandchild, nephew or niece) will benefit from you sharing The Last Enchanted Forest with them. It is a delightful fantasy that can be taken at face value. As a bonus, it provides teachable moments--if you are so inclined. Either way, the value of the book will pay dividends for a lifetime.

You can view the first two pages by clicking on the tab (Book) at the top of the page and then on the book cover itself. Enjoy.

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