Sunday, October 27, 2013

Crossroad at the Crossword

I love doing crossword puzzles. Been doing them longer than I care to admit. And there is something inexplicable that often happens when I do them. I'll get stymied--stuck--flummoxed. I'll have no further answers. I have been bested. So I set it down and go about my business.

The "inexplicable" happens when I pick that crossword puzzle up again. Much more often than not, I go on to complete the puzzle. How can this be? I am certainly no smarter than before. Its not that I even RECOGNIZE a particular answer that may fit the puzzle. (often they are Latin or archaic terms) But by horizontal and vertical referencing, I know for a certainty that my answer is correct. Where did this "information" come from? Is it my own subconscious mind? The Universal Mind? Thin air?

I share this simply to encourage you to examine your problem solving process. Setting down a problem for a period of time doesn't mean you've quit on it. It just means you cease the frustration and possible anger that can arise when you become thwarted. The intention is; I am blocked. I will return to this issue later for resolution.

Religious people sometimes term this "letting go and letting God;" in-so-far as personal problems are concerned. I have no trouble with this perspective because I believe all of Life is a manifestation of God. I would add, though, I don't believe God gives two hoots or a holler whether I finish a crossword puzzle or not. So, for me, the answer isn't so much that God took an active interest in my specific problem as He set up a "dynamic" that is available to one and all. We just need to recognize and utilize the inherent, universal technique. Kind of like tuning in a radio---we need to find the proper frequency.

It has been suggested elsewhere on this blog to "enjoy the questions while you wait on the answers." I am sincere with that thought. If someone had figured all of life out, we would certainly have heard about it. (religions not withstanding) The blueprint would be overt and easily recognizable. Everyone would be utilizing the same playbook. But that is not the case--therefore we can infer an individual (personal) road is encouraged within generalized (impersonal) parameters. Of course that is only my opinion. What you think (believe and manifest) is the road that you are on. Here's hoping we cross paths.

Tip: If you have a notion to try a crossword puzzle, know they get progressively harder as the week goes by. (assuming you find one in your local newspaper) Monday's crossword is far easier than Thursday's, for example. The exception is a Sunday crossword. While challenging (and large!) it does not compare with the difficulty of a Saturday crossword.

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