Wednesday, October 30, 2013

And Baby Makes Three

I never married and have no offspring. So the clip that follows is somewhat of a mystery to me. Is it as eye-opening as it seems? Or do babies astound their parents in a multitude of ways? (wait! that is a rhetorical question) Of course they do, especially the first. I have seen the pictures, home movies and endured HOURS of conversation. Let me be more specific: I know babies often smash the "adorable meter" all to hell. I know babies laugh, giggle, and gush until you think you're melting in pure bliss. But have you ever seen anything like this?

I wonder. The emotional depth this baby seems to demonstrate lends itself to the motif that has developed on this blog over the last week. Through Alonzo, Shane and now Mary-Lynn Leroux, (the baby) Life seems to be insisting we take the lesson to heart. Words matter. Pitch, tone, modulation, emphasis and rhythm all play a part. As I said in 'Handle With Care' (10-24) "...words can be a medium to create an object of beauty."

Let the artist within come forth.

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