Thursday, September 5, 2013

Station Break

For those of you that are observant, you may have noticed a new header at the top of the blog page. 'Book' is now an active tab and "The Last Enchanted Forest" is available for purchase. By clicking on the book cover you can view the first two pages and get a "feel" for the story offered. It is a children's book with an adult message. Beyond a heartwarming story in poetic form, there are vivid illustrations to fire the imagination of any child, along with "teachable moments" within the context of the tale. If you have children, grand kids, nephews or nieces, this e-book provides an opportunity to connect with them in the realm of fantasy, superimposed with real life lessons. If you have a teenager that has started "babysitting," this e-book may prove an invaluable tool bonding with those in his or her care. If you are an adult who relishes a good yarn, rich and interwoven with meaning, this book is for you. In other words, its for anyone and everyone. It is my sincere hope that you will purchase the book and join Willie on a journey of a lifetime.


  1. Excellent WP. It is absolutely lovely with a friendly and valuable message. G

  2. (Laughing)...THAT'S not what you said in your e-mail! Too wordy is my recollection. You are a sweetheart. Say "hi" to Laurel for me.


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