Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sacred Masculine

I recently watched a documentary entitled; "Buck." It occurred to me then that I had several posts concerning the Sacred Feminine, but none regarding what it means to honor the masculine. Although I am anything but a cowboy, I was still able to relate to the documentary. The metaphor of life being a horse and the way one interacts with it was unmistakable to me. In addition, Buck's (Brannaman) early childhood was extreme. That he was able to integrate the violence inflicted on him to an understanding of "horsemanship" that refined the dynamic is a wonderful life lesson. If you have Netflix you can access the documentary. I highly recommend it. It displays the "unconscious competence" that lies at the heart of the truly masculine.

(I have included a short video from youtube to give you a sense of the man)

Update: 11:50 PM 11-19-13

(For someone special)

Update: 5:37 PM 4-17-14 (they never realized how special they were)

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