Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gwenn Jones

A year ago today I started actualizing a web site entitled Gift-Gratitude-God. The single person that made that possible was Gwenn Jones.

I first met Gwenn when I dropped into a yoga studio here in town (Auburn Yoga and Fitness). Gwenn spent an hour with me discussing my physical health and diet. She made several suggestions and I started attending classes shortly thereafter. I found her opinionated, feisty, full of life and fun to be around. As time went by, I learned she was a "take no prisoner" type of instructor. We've had many talks as to her approach and how a former Division 1 Collegiate basketball player (yes, that would be me) felt about her "style." She disagrees with my interpretation and reminds me constantly that she is verbally emphatic (and repetitive) about staying within ones limits. And she's right, she does. What I try and explain to Gwenn is when men hear a "coach" shout an instruction--by God we do it! It is about going beyond our limits! Gwenn and I have yet to resolve this difference.

I love Gwenn Jones. I love that I've discovered she has topics, subjects and personal experiences she refuses to discuss with me (though that number is shrinking). I love that she is as loyal a person as I have ever met. That if you are her friend, world watch out! She is not about to let anyone take advantage of you, berate you, or malign you in any way, shape or form. I love the fact that Gwenn always has time for me, or makes time. Pretty amazing when you realize she runs three businesses to keep herself afloat. Even more so when you realize she did this whole web site "gratis."

Yep, didn't ask for anything. I gave what I could, which amounted to about 4 hours what a mediocre web designer would charge. We spent AT LEAST 12 hours working just that first day/night! And if anyone thinks this web site is mediocre...please direct me to one more ascetically pleasing. Honestly...I would love to see it. In 7 days (!) Gwenn created everything you see within the web site. On the 8th day you could google Gift-Gratitude-God or WP Grogan and guess who was first (FIRST!) on page number one to appear? I have talked to others and the consensus is; "that ain't possible bub!"

It took quite a bit more time to get the "Blog" section up and running. Gwenn had sacrificed so much time and effort that (obviously) other endeavors had suffered. Proof of this is the very first post didn't appear until August 3rd when it had been written a day or two after 7-20. I share this only to emphasis how driven I had become. I hope I was somewhat understanding about it but we would have to ask Gwenn to be sure. Most likely, I was the last person on earth Gwenn wanted to receive another e-mail or phone call from.

I took Gwenn to lunch yesterday. It had hit me that the web site was (soon to be) one year old. I told her why I was taking her to lunch. I asked her if she had any reservations if I used her full name doing a post (blog) about her. She was fine with it and perhaps, pleased. But as I've written this blog I realize I have "shorted" Gwenn Jones again. What I could have said was; "You have been a godsend. For all you've done, the hours (and hours!) you've spent, the direction you have provided, the level of professionalism you have displayed---thank you." But I didn't do that. I think it may be due to the fact I will never be able to thank her enough...

The very first step in the process. JULY 13th

Gwenn, if you open up the link and scroll down to the 7th image, it is a bridge leading into a forest. I LOVE THIS IMAGE! It is perfect. A fallback image would be the third one. (japanese garden) However, believing Life wants this to happen, I believe that we can obtain something very similar to the bridge. Let me know.  P.


-JULY 21st-

Wow. We are active on Google and we have the first 3 positions on page 1. Holy Moly.

I have used you saving some links--I am sorry. I bet they add to an already crammed mail box.

(Just had Ronnie confirm--were available on Google)

Anyway, I am going to go through and check for typos and mistakes. Are you going to be available today?   P.

PS Dont worry about the 2 links I have sent or the text for Aurora.


  1. Thank you Pat. It's been a joy and still is. Continue making your blog connections. I am one to say! My best, gj

  2. So get busy on my e-book already! Sheesh! Talk about resting on one's laurels...On a more serious note, did you notice the numbers on the people who saw your post? You're semi-famous! Well, fractionally famous anyway. No one is more deserving.


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