Tuesday, July 9, 2013


"You are a teacher of Israel, yet you do not understand this? Truly I tell you, we speak only of what we know and testify only to what we have seen, yet you people reject our testimony."  John 3:10-11

The dynamic at plays seems to be the 3rd paragraph in the God section. I find myself repeatedly referencing it of late. Here is one more example (albeit Biblical) of our experience being our reality, our reality being our perception of life, and our perception of life being our truth. As important is the acknowledgment that "our truth isn't your truth." This is the point of divergence between Christianity and G-G-G (or any religion for that matter). I am of the mind Life (God) is so diverse, intelligent, and creative, it will provide a personal revelation. As intoxicating as that may be, remember too "neither does it take precedence over your truth."

Shared experiences can be as instructive as they are informative. I am not suggesting that they are off-limits. Only the understanding that they aren't (necessarily) universal. This seems obvious to me. Yet how much of our interaction with others consist of us ramming our beliefs down someone else's throat? And growing indignant if they aren't convinced? Watch the next time an argument sprouts up around you. Marvel at the importance people place on being "right."

My truth is the Bible isn't to be taken literally. The conundrum is, I often use it as an example to amplify the message I am trying to impart. Some might find that hypocritical or inconsistent. Be that as it may, the larger truth is I'm in some pretty good company.

See Luke 5:37

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