Thursday, July 5, 2018

Vive la France

For the last two weeks a Frenchman (or woman, or several such Franco beings) has made extensive use of this blog, dominating the statistics, outstripping even the United States. As inactive as I've been, this warms my heart and comforts my soul. In "Steamrolled" (11-16-16) I mentioned I did not want this blog to become "overly political" and worried that I might not be "equal to the task" of avoiding that fate. Well I haven't been. Trump is such a colossal asshole that he dominates news cycles and weekly (if not daily) finds new ways to embarrass the United States. His immigration policy of separating children from parents is just our latest shame to be endured. (although, to be fair, thousands and thousands of people nation wide have decided this is not to be endured and are vigorously fighting the insanity) Point is, where is the gift to be grateful for? My absence of posting bears witness to the fact I struggle mightily to find one. Then I was reminded of the post "Make No Mistake," (10-14-16) where I assert the "absence of God is an aspect of God." (I know it sounds absurd, but read the entire post before dismissing the idea) Perhaps the (apparent) absence of a gift is an aspect of the gift. That the trite expression, "things could always be worse," isn't quite so trite after all. That it is our responsibility to incessantly seek out that which is good and pure and kind. That our actions reflect our ideals. That our dreams speak to a larger truth that wont be compromised by the lies flowing from the lips of liars.

To that end, let me wrap by saying, "merci beaucoup!" It really has meant a great deal to me.

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