Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Personal Ad

WANTED: Someone who doesn't take anything personally. Immediate opening.

There is little doubt that the American election last November has brought a certain personal malaise. The level of ignorance of the electorate, and the refusal to see what an obvious and consistent liar the President-elect is, left me with the feeling, what's the use? People really are that dumb. (mindless is the kind and compassionate word to use--but I don't perceive these people to be either) My efforts to enlighten have been in vain.

And that really is vain--in the other sense of the definition. The ego-centric sense of the word. It is taking the results of the election entirely too personal. That is a mistake. The election reveals that America is spiritually lost--not that I am. My sense of discouragement speaks to a false narrative that we couldn't possibly be that far astray--and a reluctance to accept that we are. There is little to do but accept the reality of the situation. America has abandoned it's moral and spiritual bearings. They decided to cast their lot with a liar who lies about lying.

I ended the November 16th post with, "Let us indeed become, Sons of Light." I will soon lay out what is involved in making such a claim.

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