Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hold Fast

I know who you are. Those that come here. Sensitive by nature, deep thinker, inconsistent in your application of spiritual knowledge. I know you. And I would ask you to remain steadfast, and true. That despite the bullshit that swirls around you, do not become disillusioned. Or disinclined. Or stumble into despair. Hold fast.

The truth is the political system is bullshit. The truth is the religious system is bullshit. And the economic system, the military system, and any other system one could name...they are all bullshit. But the truth is, that truth is but one aspect of the truth. It is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth--just an element of the truth. Hold fast.

Don't you know if you turn away now we are lost? That if you become discordant and disheartened there isn't any remedy? That the lunacy will prevail? That we will be swamped by their lies, their manipulations, their derision of human decency? Did no one tell you? Did they omit that from your teaching? Hold fast.

Here is what I would ask of you. Continue to be the person you would be. The one with the childish dream of equality for all. The one with the aspiration of a better tomorrow. The one with the naivete to believe they could change the world. Yes, be that. And hold fast.

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