Friday, December 12, 2014


Wave after wave after wave--sand swept from the shore. So it is with your resolve. Renewal must become your watchword. Make peace with your idiosyncrasies. They are your mediators, your guides, to empathy and tolerance; not only of yourself, but of others. Celebrate your efforts regardless of  success or failure. Whisper your truth to the Universe.


  1. my truth to the universe**i plead my sons case of injustice**why must he constantly beg the courts for half time with his son? why can't God intercede & make this happen? please prayers are needed to awaken this judge whomever s(he) may be for this monday 22nd. to care enough to see the truth of our precious grandson 13 who is lost because of divorce & desperately has sunken into depression. celebrating all our efforts whatever the outcome for success or failure.

  2. Why must he beg, indeed? Are there accusations of your son being an unfit parent? The courts understand it is in the best interests of the child for visitation rights to be established. That being so, a favorable outcome is probable. The question isn't so much the judge or the courts (or even God interceding)--why would your grandson's mother be opposed? Why isn't mom "on board" for what is clearly in her child's best interest? Regardless, it is your truth that is now reverberating through the universe. I acknowledge and respect the love you so clearly have for your grandchild. It is a potent force. The 22nd carries supreme significance for me. From this day till then I will supplement your petition with my own invocations. Let me know how it goes.


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