Monday, December 23, 2013

Word Play

At the web site Home, I talked of certain qualities (ideals) that your personality might be drawn toward. One of them was "fearlessness." What do you think of when you hear the word fearlessness? Is it the literary or cinematic definition? Here the word usually means that there is no fear what so ever. The hero (heroine) bravely plunges ahead without a single thought of personal safety. But is that the right interpretation? Look at the word this way; fear-less. ("ness" is simply a "state, quality, or instance of being; greatness, sadness") So by definition, fearlessness is a state, quality, or instance where you are experiencing less fear. You fear less.

So how do we move in the direction of being fearless? One way might be to look at the word present. (as in past, present, and future) Most spiritual disciplines talk of the benefits of staying in the "here and now." Well, the here and now is the "present," is it not? And doesn't present also have the definition of "a gift?" If it were possible to integrate both definitions of present (here and now/gift) would outcomes be viewed differently? As in: OUT of the present COMES a gift.

At Christmas time when gifts are exchanged, isn't there an undercurrent of excitement waiting to open those presents? A delicious curiosity of what did he/she get me? Think about bringing that same attitude towards the unfolding of your life. That the present is a gift where the outcome will be exactly what you most need. (not want) That anticipation of the present, rather than anxiety towards it, is the way we become fearless.

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