Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Karen Armstrong and Richard Dawkins square off in this article from the Wall Street Journal. To appreciate the poem that follows, I ask that you read the link.


In the beginning was the Word
And He fashioned Himself into a bird
With mighty wing He took to flight
To change forever perpetual night

As He powered through the endless abyss
He knew that some thing was amiss
So on the down stroke, with all His might
The Eternal Bird created light

Distinction was made, day from night
Yet as He continued with purposeful flight
A sense prevailed that, by and by
A Bird is useless without a sky

Thus the beginning of a wondrous plan
He put it to work and created land
Then He inspected as He flew around
But wasn't satisfied with what He found

So it was and continues to be
He unleashed a torrent, the frothing sea
Then it was, with celestial mirth
He labeled His project, "planet earth"

It was at this point He took a rest                                                                                            Decided that He'd save the best
For some thing different, a mystery
And so it was created me!

Hard to believe He'd make a wish
Simply to create a fish
Yet it was done, don't ask me why
I have trouble deciphering Pi

Still who among you knows what they'd find
If ever they sounded the Creators mind
But there you have it and quite a notion
Life for land to begin in the ocean

From there the story gets very involved
It wasn't till Darwin that it was solved
Yet let this not hinder your spiritual quest
The ultimate answers remain in His nest

The Eternal Bird, mysterious indeed
Using pisces as the human seed
Quite a strategy you've got to admit
And hindsight tells you that it all fits

The grand design of a Master mind
Who's love runs deep for all mankind
So much so, that when it was done
The Eternal Bird, He sent His son

Of this man I'm sure you know
That everywhere His disciples go
They use a sign at their Master's wish
Paying homage to the humble fish


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