Monday, September 30, 2013

Other Side Of The Mirror

Imagine if you will, a world population of (approximately) 435 million. Of this 435 million a handful of people (at best) believed that the earth orbited the sun. Everyone else (EVERYONE!) knew the truth was the sun and planets orbited the earth. This was beyond question. Not only were biblical teachings supportive of this "truth," but the 5 senses a human being is endowed with made it incontrovertible. The evidence was overwhelming.

That was the state of affairs in the 16th century. Less than 500 years ago. I want you to fully appreciate this. And I want you to contemplate how the rate of information (knowledge) has changed in recent decades. Check out this link...

Its not what you know now that will be altered in 500 years, or even 50, but 5. And it is going to assault your core belief system. It is going to fundamentally challenge you. How you embrace change will go a long ways determining your well-being. As you dwell on words like flexible, adaptable, versatile, supple and resilient, keep in mind the words from Desiderata; "no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should." Stay open. Be receptive. Trust.

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