Monday, July 22, 2013

Year 2

As I embark on the second year of this web site, I think my biggest disappointment has been my inability to engage the reader at a one-on-one level. The failing is so pronounced I realize the term "facilitator" that I used in the About Me section is wildly inappropriate. I haven't been able to facilitate much of anything for those who visit. I have asked a friend of mine (Lance Buffington) to critique my writing style and offer suggestions how I can become more approachable. I wanted the web site to be about YOU and I have failed miserably. Whatever my writing style one thing is clear, it isn't one that generates a lot of commentary.

The most amazing thing that took place in the last year was the series of posts in February that began with Flatline and actually didn't conclude until May 23rd with Mark 8:18. Looking back I am reminded of Parsifal, the innocent fool. That I could be so na├»ve to think that I could help them "learn how to smile again" was beyond audacious, it was ludicrous. And yet, something took place that I am hard pressed to explain outside the context of G-G-G. Life intervened. Dramatically. I lived it and I know (who believes what a river knows). Whether I was actually able to convey the cosmic dynamic to the reader is a whole different question.

Advanced Reading:

As to my direction for the coming year: I will continue to emphasis that if there is to be a "Kingdom," it will be our responsibility to bring it about. Matthew 24:4-34 is pretty clear. No matter how the literalist's want to twist the text, Jesus said it, not me. The scam that it is THIS generation he was talking about simply perpetuates the con. Pretty effectively too---its worked for 2000 years! No, as daunting as it may be, it will be up to regular people like you and me to make it happen. If we are unable, or unwilling to embrace the "largesse" of the dynamic, it will fall to another generation to effect the inevitable. How I hope we seize the moment (carpe diem).

It is doubtful I will continue G-G-G for a third year. Some 5 to 6 weeks ago I anted up to maintain the domain name and I was excited to do so. My enthusiasm hasn't diminished so much as the realization there are only so many ways to tell you that you are God's instrument. His best and finest way of interacting with his creation. After 107 posts last year and what will be a total of 115 posts this year (Life just let me know 222 is the exact number to reach) then I will have achieved what I set out to do. The honor and the privilege is that I got to share it with you.

Update 4:56 PM Interesting this showed up today isn't it?

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