Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Brighter Now

The following link is special, and that is saying something. I feel all my links are special or they wouldn't be on this web site. Yet this one, well, it deserves to be highlighted. And its all because of Byron...


  1. My friend Joe lost Gabe, his 29-year-old son, to a drug overdose last August. Ironically, Joe started a ministry many years ago called "overcomers." He helped many addicts recover from drug and alcohol addiction and go on to lead productive lives. He used to take people into his own home for periods of time to help them on their journey. Why did Pastor Joe (he has a church in Huntington Beach now) suffer this horrible catastrophe when helping others off drugs was a huge part of his life? I saw him in December 2011, a few months after Gabe's funeral. His wife, Terese, was devastated, had lost 30 pounds, and was visibly saddened. Joe appeared to be upbeat, able to console his wife, and speaking about God working mysteriously in his life. He gave thanks to God for all his blessings while I was there! Oh good and faithful servant the Lord must know you so well Joe! The very next Sunday after Gabe's passing, Joe spoke to the members of his church and told them about God's righteousness and his love for all of us. You know, in reflection, it seems that good things have happened to Joe as his faith in God increased. He tried to form a church of his own for many years before finally succeeding three or four years ago. His faith never wavered. he continued working with addicts, working at soup kitchens, helping others whenever God called him to do so. God has shown him great favor even through the cloud of death.

  2. I should be so strong as your friend Joe. Thanks for sharing Joe's story.


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